When the time is right,  
know all the exit points

Turn to 3PG when looking for an exit

Many business owners face a crossroads for what is next. There are many options to explore – all will have a long-lasting impact on you as a leader, your team, and the legacy of your business. While it often feels that you are being pushed in one direction and pulled in another, 3PG is with you at every step. We artfully align strategy, execution, and timing to map out a strategy that will accomplish your objectives and ensure success.

It’s time to move on

Whether market conditions, family obligations, or a change in risk tolerance, the time to sell and move on is a personal decision that must be planned and executed correctly. We assess all aspects of how best to sell all or part of your business. There are a variety of factors to consider that include market conditions, capital requirements, tax considerations, and the long-term welfare of your employees. 

Creating generational wealth

Creating generational wealth means a series of strategic decisions and operational improvements that puts your business in the best position possible for long-term growth and for a larger payout. Whether you decide to continue as an active owner operator for a set period of time or as a part-time advisor, how you maximize the value of your business and structure a deal can be the difference in millions of dollars in your pocket.

Securing growth capital

We help you source equity partners who provide the appropriate capital to invest in expansion, executive leadership, and operations, all with a goal to provide greater opportunity for your people and for you as an owner. Properly capitalizing growth also means managing risk with the right equity partner who has vested interest to preserve your culture and to help you improve bottom line performance.

A future for my team

We help owners structure a plan around key performance measures that are necessary to maximize cash value while balancing compassion for your people and the preservation of your legacy. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a better future for your family and those loyal employees who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to the success of your business.

“3PG took the time to understand our business and the dynamics that were important to us for finding the right equity partner who was aligned with our mission and company values. As a result, we are growing at a faster pace than we initially envisioned.”

Allen Sweeney
President and CEO,

“Jeff and his team were able cut through the noise and confusion of the selection process with so many potential equity partners. They helped us find the right partner that aligned with our culture and values. Years later, we are very happy with our equity partner and our continued path of growth.”

Bob Grover
Pacific Landscape Management