Key drivers for value creation

Services to increase enterprise value

We offer a range of services, all designed to increase operational and management proficiency, that directly result in how value is attributed to your organization. Our ultimate goal is to help you create a high performing enterprise, whether as a part of a strategic exit plan to improve long-term operations and contribute to revenue growth.

3PG is a trusted partner ready to help you successfully transition your business

Value Creation

Every decision you make in your business can have far-reaching impact, especially when considering an exit or looking to attract growth capital. Our advisory services are intended to boost business performance, productivity, and generate consistent revenue growth. We help develop the right set of KPIs, implement tracking systems, create new processes, enhance existing processes and identify tools that will have a positive impact on profitability.

Performance Tuning

We are laser-focused on those activities and adjustments that have direct influence on creating value. This includes how services are delivered, determining opportunities to manage expenses, or create efficiencies across various departments in the business. We will collaborate with your leadership team to assess, benchmark, plan, and optimize the business and optimize returns.

Leadership Development

As an Owner identifying and developing your executive leadership team is an essential building block for value creation. Goal alignment, execution and team commitment are crucial to successfully implementing change or business expansion. At 3PG, we will assess your leaders and organization structure to ensure the right common practices and belief systems are in place to maximize performance. We will determine if the right people are in the correct seats, to consistently bring to life the company’s vision and values.

Post-close Integration

Getting to the closing table and signing a deal is only the beginning of a successful outcome. Once the ink is dry, the process of internal/external communications, integration, and company growth are essential requirements for the new ownership team. Execution of a post-closing implementation strategy can make or break return on investment. 3PG offers a full spectrum of post-close planning and management services.