3PG fights for every dollar

Unmatched market expertise

With over 28 years of experience and hundreds of successful transactions for independent business owners in the facility services sector, 3PG Advisors has become one of the nation’s most qualified and effective partners for matching entrepreneurs with the right equity partner or strategic buyer. Our portfolio of clients includes landscaping, turf and tree care, pest control, nursery, snow and ice, water management, and other facility services companies.

  • In-depth knowledge of all industry competitors, investors, and buyers
  • An effective process that seamlessly clears legal and accounting hurdles
  • 3PG formula proven to maximize EBITDA and multiples
  • Experienced and tenured to handle large, complex transactions
  • Operational and leadership services to improve performance and marketability

Partnering with 3PG equals certainty to close

We secure the right partner for your business and get you to a price reflective of your goals for transformational wealth that leaves the legacy you’ve always desired. We focus on what is most important to you, your employees, and your business.

We are who you want at the table

We manage the entire process

Preparation is key, and we take care of all the details and coach you and your teams every step of the way – from finance and operations to legal and human capital.

We maximize price multiples

We understand value creation levers as well as the impact of how people, process, and efficient operations will improve your position to maximize cash at close.

We don’t mince words

We are straight-forward and transparent about all aspects of your business and how to best accomplish your goals – even if it is not always what you want to hear.

We are extremely diligent

Our in-house auditors and strategists include CPAs, business analysts, and industry veterans who leave no stone unturned and effectively communicate to buyer and investor teams.

We know the private equity landscape

As the foremost expert in the facilities services market, we are in continual contact with leading private equity firms who are actively investing in the industry segment.

We know the “right” strategic buyers

Over 28 years in the business has taught us what the “right” buyer means for each client.  We identify the most viable candidates and don’t waste time chasing the wrong deals. 

We are fierce negotiatiors

Negotiating a deal is having the prowess to get a seller and a buyer in a place where they believe everyone is in the best final position for valuation, deal structure, and all intangibles. 

We deliver a certainty to close

A combination of experience, proven processes, and industry knowledge allows us to avoid known hurdles, prevent ninth hour changes, and unexpected outcomes for 3PG clients.

“During our search for growth capital, we interviewed several advisory firms besides 3PG. It was clear that 3PG wanted what was best for us and I knew they would fight for me and have my back. They exceeded our expectations.”

Brian DuMont

The decision to sell

Whether to source capital for growth, to ensure long-term career opportunities for dedicated employees, or to secure a legacy for your family, 3PG is here to listen. 

The right partner

Finding the right partner for any acquisition means matching cultural, operational, and aspirational goals for the future of your business.